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Design your future with Canva

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Join our mission to empower the world to design.

Our community is already creating over 200 designs every second, but we’re just 1% of the way to our mission to empower the world to design. If you’re looking to design your dream career, have endless opportunities to grow, and work with a bunch of legends - come and join us.

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Canva’s communities

We're deeply committed to creating a culture where every Canvanaut feels that they truly belong. 

So whether it’s people living with disability, women, or LGBTQIA+, Canvanauts with shared experiences and identities across the globe connect through our communities.

These communities, and many more like them, help ensure Canvanauts have a dedicated space to support each other, share and learn, and are heard and considered when it comes to making key decisions.

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How we hire

Our hiring process is designed to help us get to know you and for you to get to know us, too. Hiring is a two-way conversation – you’re interviewing us as well. 


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Career tools

One of our core values at Canva is to ‘be a force for good’ in any way we can. We know that making resources and information freely available in our community is an important step towards leveling the playing field in the broader job market.

So, we’ve created these tools for job-seekers everywhere - to help you discover your unique magic, create a standout job application and navigate your job search and interview journey ahead - wherever it may lead you.

Career tools
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Life at Canva is equal parts empowering, challenging and exciting. We believe our different experiences and perspectives spark innovation, inspiring us to design a product loved by people all over the world.

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Be inspired

Need some more time to think it over?

Join our talent community to stay in touch with the Canva team, keep up to date with relevant opportunities and receive tips to support your job hunt.

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