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Working flexibly

We’ve adopted an approach grounded in flexibility and connection. We have 3 categories of working, based on what works best for each person and their team's goals:

  • Hybrid: You have the flexibility to work from a Canva campus (office), or from home, or a combination of both. We trust our team to choose the type of work environment that empowers them and their team to do their best work and achieve their goals.
  • Permanent Remote: Your main residence and workplace is outside of a distance radius of one of our campuses or hubs (co-working spaces). You spend most of your time remotely, while connecting with your team virtually, or by occasionally travelling to our campuses to connect with your team in person.
  • Onsite: Due to the nature of your work, you spend the majority of your time at one of our campuses. This includes our hospitality and facilities teams.

What will your Epic Experience be?

Check out the video to find out how Canvanauts are celebrating 5 and 10 years at Canva, with extra paid time off and a budget to support their Epic Experiences.

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Help shape the Canva magic

It’s hard to explain what makes life at Canva so special, but there’s no doubt our values-led culture plays a huge role in empowering our team to do the best work of their lives.

Our culture is unique, human centric and a little bit magical. It’s continually evolving over time, because every single Canvanaut plays an active role in shaping the Canva magic. From all the incredible ways Canvanauts bring our values to life, to the unique identities, experiences and talents they bring to their roles, every Canvanaut plays an active role in evolving our culture.

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Canva Collectives

Canva Collectives are Canvanaut-led spaces for underrepresented or underserved groups and their allies to come together and connect. We do this across all locations globally, based on shared backgrounds or experiences.

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Join the club

You’re officially invited to join the club.

From day one it's been our goal to create a workplace where everyone feels that they truly belong. We started Canva Clubs to empower Canvanauts to build connections over shared interests, and create their own communities. Canva Clubs are an opportunity for your to deep dive into your passions, or perhaps try something new - either virtually, or in person. 

So whether you’re passionate about gaming, pastries, rock climbing, or hiphop dancing, you'll find something for you. 


Grow your skills with us

We want you to challenge and be challenged with exciting opportunities to learn and grow. Every role at Canva is supported by a growth and development framework so you can have an impact every step of the way.

Be inspired

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