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Data Support Specialist - Flourish

Join the team redefining how the world experiences design.

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Thanks for stopping by. We know job hunting can be a little time consuming and you're probably keen to find out what's on offer, so we'll get straight to the point. 

Where and how you can work

Our flagship campus is in Sydney, Australia, but with many of our Canvanauts calling the Philippines home, our office in Manila is a buzzing place. Whether your role needs you in the office, at home or a bit of both, we've created an environment that truly empowers you to thrive.

About Flourish

Since early 2022, we have welcomed the data visualization platform, Flourish to Canva. The Flourish team have been pioneering the data visualization space having built an incredible platform used by more than 800,000 people around the world to distill complex data into interactive and engaging visualizations.

Flourish’s platform is embraced by organizations of all sizes to turn complex datasets into accessible, understandable, and beautiful visualizations. They’ve created an incredible product, bringing simplicity and a powerful experience to their community while solving a complex problem and accomplishing huge technical feats. In the same way that we’ve been working towards our mission of empowering the world to design, the Flourish team has been working to empower everyone to tell stories with data by making once complex and inaccessible software available to everyone.

Help and support is a complex and exciting problem space, especially at scale. With a mission of “Every user empowered, every voice heard”, Canva’s User Voice super group is the critical interface to our most valuable partners: our users. We want to ensure they have a flawless experience while using Canva products as we scale our way to support 1 billion users. Our teams are responsible for unlocking how we can deliver exceptional customer experience through streamlined and scalable systems, an optimized contact flow, expert support specialists, customer insights, plus tools to enable self-help such as our Help Center, Assistant and chat experience.

About the Role

This role is for a dedicated, global customer support team tailored to support Flourish users. The Flourish Support Specialists are all-around support experts with a strong focus on visualized data and storytelling.

As part of this specialised team, our specialists will work closely with the Flourish Data Visualisation Specialists based in London. This facilitates better coordination and faster resolution of customer concerns. The selected individuals will possess expert knowledge of Flourish and all its features. They will be highly trained in supporting the Flourish Product Support team with back-office tasks as needed.

The role will provide specialized expertise in creating charts and storytelling from data.

What you’ll do (responsibilities)

  • Provide dedicated support to Flourish Free, Publisher, and Enterprise users, effectively managing and resolving support tickets while expertly handling all admin tasks.
  • Efficiently address and resolve support issues via email, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with the Flourish Data Visualization Specialists, providing them with direct support as needed.
  • Develop and maintain an expert understanding of Flourish-specific tools and functions such as editing the templates and platforms, account management, technical specifications, security, and analytics.
  • Handle various tasks during downtime, demonstrating a high level of adaptability and initiative.
  • Provide services during local business hours or most beneficial to strategic customers, ensuring availability when customers need support.
  • Regularly communicate with Flourish Data Visualization Specialists to maximize efficiency and synergy, resulting in an improved and seamless customer service experience.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a skilled data support specialist who can handle complex problems and create a positive impact. You'll need specialized technical knowledge, a proactive approach, and the ability to empathize and understand customers' needs. You'll also need a keen eye for detail and the willingness to learn about intricate processes that are specific to Flourish such as scrollytelling, chart editing, and data storytelling.

But we're looking for more than technical skills. We want someone with a real team spirit and the ability to collaborate effectively with Flourish Data Visualization Specialists. Flexibility is also crucial as we need someone to adapt to ensure customers receive premium support. Lastly, persistence and positivity in the face of challenges are essential traits for success in our team.

  • Got those top-notch communication skills? You'll fit right in as we prioritize clear and empathetic communication with our customers and amongst our team.
  • A knack for tech is a must-have. Working with services like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets will be integral to what we do.
  • Are you an expert puzzle solver? Great! We often encounter complex customer problems, specifically data, requiring creative and efficient solutions.
  • Our environment is fast-paced. If you're someone ready to adapt on the fly when changes or new demands pop up, you're just what we're looking for.
  • We are all about the customer. If you've got a mindset focused on understanding and exceeding customer expectations, you'll be a perfect addition to our team.
  • We're not just colleagues; we're a team. We'd love to welcome you aboard if you're ready to contribute to a healthy team dynamic.
  • Eager to learn and grow? Perfect! We believe that continuous learning accelerates individual development and fuels our collective success. Be ready to upgrade your skills and stay updated with the latest in our products and services — we'll support you all the way!
  • We're open to fresh graduates

About the Team

At Canva, we’re all constantly striving towards our Crazy Big Goals! Since growing to a worldwide team of over 1800 we need to ensure we’re working as effectively and efficiently as possible, which is where our Operational Business Partners come in. This role will align to a group made up of mostly User Voice related roles.  You will be working to build solid operational excellence and embed this in everything we do - steering Canva towards growth and success for years to come!

What's in it for you?

Achieving our crazy big goals motivates us to work hard - and we do - but you'll experience lots of moments of magic, connectivity and fun woven throughout life at Canva, too. We also offer a stack of benefits to set you up for every success in and outside of work.

Here's a taste of what's on offer:

  • Equity packages - we want our success to be yours too
  • Inclusive parental leave policy that supports all parents & carers
  • An annual Vibe & Thrive allowance to support your wellbeing, social connection, office setup & more
  • Flexible leave options that empower you to be a force for good, take time to recharge and supports you personally

Check out for more info.

Other stuff to know

We make hiring decisions based on your experience, skills and passion, as well as how you can enhance Canva and our culture. When you apply, please tell us the pronouns you use and any reasonable adjustments you may need during the interview process.

We celebrate all types of skills and backgrounds at Canva so even if you don’t feel like your skills quite match what’s listed above - we still want to hear from you!

Please note that interviews are conducted virtually. 

Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness team

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