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A group of Canvanauts outside smiling for the camera with Canva's CEO, Melanie Perkins.

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Canva recognised as a Best Place to Work

Written by Canva

From the very beginning our goal has been to build an environment that empowers our team to do the best work of their lives, so we’re delighted to be recognised on BuiltIn’s 2024 Best Places to Work list in the following categories:

United States, large places
Austin, all sizes and large places
San Francisco, all sizes and large places
Los Angeles, all sizes and large places


It’s important to us that every Canvanaut feels like they truly belong, and with teams based in United States, Australia, Philippines, UK, China, Europe and beyond, we want our culture to reflect our teams around the world. We’ve designed the Canva experience to feel both recognisably Canva and magically local.


A group of Canvanauts smiling for the camera at an event at our Austin campus.

Canvanauts at an event at our Austin campus


I'd describe the culture at Canva as enthusiastic, collaborative, and vibrant. I think that energy comes from the people. Everyone is so incredibly positive, creative, and dedicated to their craft and I think that’s a powerful driving force behind Canva's success.

Kortney Surratt, Canva Advisor, Sales and Success

Canvanauts have the opportunity to have outsized impact, contributing to our unique culture, solving interesting challenges and helping millions of individuals, teams and workplaces around the world achieve their goals with Canva. In 2023, we celebrated 170 million + monthly active users, launched our Magic Studio, and remained profitable for the 7th year in a row. But our hard working team didn’t stop there - we also opened new campuses (our term for offices) in Austin, London and Melbourne.

The culture in our Austin campus feels special because Austin Canvanauts genuinely care about each other, and the support goes beyond our roles at Canva.

Jocelyn Chancellor, Legal Counsel, Finance and Legal

Like all our spaces, our new flagship Austin campus is designed to feel authentically Canva, but also reflect the community and environment that it’s a part of. Our Vibe team and in-house architect, Emily Sandstrom, collaborated with local architects Sixth River to bring our vision to life. Together, they focused on sourcing from sustainable partners and creating a local flavour, with art and materials from local artisans bringing a unique feel to the space.


A dark skinned man and a light skinned man smiling at our Austin campus.

 Two Canvanauts at the opening of our Austin campus

We strive to have an impact on the greater Austin community through activities like our Force for Good volunteering efforts, supporting local teachers, and hosting events to inspire young women in tech. Watching Austin Canvanauts participate in these activities makes me proud to work at Canva

Jocelyn Chancellor, Legal Counsel, Finance and Legal

Our campus kitchens and communal tables create opportunities for our team to come together for meaningful connection over tasty food. In Austin, we’ve added an on-site smoker to serve up Texan BBQ goodness, a patio complete with a herb garden, and a bar with local beers on tap for group events and celebrations.


A group of Canvanauts smiling for the camera outside at our Austin campus.

Celebrations on our roof top


At Canva we’re all encouraged to play an active role in shaping the culture. For me, that’s meant embracing the essence of our exceptional culture that radiates from the warmth of inclusivity, where every person is not just welcomed but celebrated. As a member of the IT team, my role extends beyond technology - it's about cultivating an environment where tech and diversity flourishes. Engaging with our local DEI group, I contribute to growing a culture that not only embraces differences but finds strength and innovation in our collective experiences. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Canva.

Chris Little, Senior Technical Support Engineer


We’re always excited to hear why Canvanauts around the world value their experience working at Canva, because of our huge mission to empower the whole world to design and the critical role our team plays in achieving that mission. We’re levelling the playing field and democratizing access to visual communication, by empowering the world to communicate in a way that was once limited to the 1%.

As a leader, my focus is people-first. I want to ensure my team are seen and heard, and feel cared for. If you foster a sense of belonging and trust, that sets the foundation for open collaboration. When you have this, magic happens.

Natalie Zumino, Head of North America Customer Success, Sales and Success

At Canva, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far - and none of it would have been possible without our impact-driven team, who have a fire in their bellies to create magical experiences for our users, for our communities around the world, and for each other.

We have opportunities to join Canva in Austin, the Bay Area, LA and beyond, so if you could see yourself doing the best work of your life alongside our team in the US, check out our open roles.