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Impact at scale

When we consider our community of 150+ million monthly active users, it’s wild to think that just a few years back we were teaching design at the local library to spread the word about Canva. Fast forward to today and our 300 strong marketing team is a bunch of folks passionate about applying their craft to have an outsized impact. 

From the very beginning we’ve had the crazy big goal of making design accessible to everyone. That means empowering everyone in the world to communicate in a way that was once limited to just a few, thanks to a world of expensive, hard-to-use tools. With an incredible product now loved by millions, our marketing team plays a crucial role in spreading the Canva love far and wide, and getting our product into the hands of as many people as possible across the globe. 

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There's still so much more we want to do

Since those early days, one thing has stayed the same… setting crazy big goals is still a core part of our DNA. The work you’ll do in our team has the potential to  reach billions of users. We’re looking for curious people, excited about finding new ways to connect with new audiences across all cultures, professions and walks of life. 

We can’t do this without you, so if this sounds like you, apply today.

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Our Marketing teams

Our Marketing team covers a range of skills and specialties.

  • Brand Media
  • Product Marketing
  • Creative
  • Social, Content & Community
  • Communications
  • Brand Marketing
  • Growth Marketing
  • Platform
  • International Growth & Marketing


Growth Marketing Manager - Germany

  • Marketing
  • Berlin, BE, Germany (Hybrid)

Pixabay Photo Community Manager - Germany (contract)

  • Marketing
  • Berlin, BE, Germany (Hybrid)

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

  • Marketing
  • Beijing, Beijing, China (Onsite)

Germany SEO Country Lead

  • Marketing
  • Berlin, BE, Germany (Hybrid)

Lifecycle Marketing Lead, Print

  • Marketing
  • San Francisco, CA, United States (Hybrid)

Lifecycle Marketing Lead, Print

  • Marketing
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia (Hybrid)

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