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Doodle Career tools

Free tools and resources for job-seekers and career builders.

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Interactive career resources

One of our core values at Canva is to ‘be a force for good’ in any way we can. We know that making resources and information freely available in our community is an important step towards leveling the playing field in the broader job market.

So, we’ve created these tools for job-seekers everywhere - to help you discover your unique magic, create a standout job application and navigate your job search and interview journey ahead - wherever it may lead you.

For specific information on Canva’s recruitment process, check out our how we hire page.

How we hire

Visual storytelling in your CV

Check out this video walk through with Miya and Stephanie from Canva’s People team, as they explore how you can visually tell your career story through your CV using Canva. Learn their top tips for using design to stand out, capture attention and engage your audience.

Create a portfolio website

Catch up with Jackson and Maddy, where they demonstrate how to create a portfolio website to showcase your work.

Create an eye-catching portfolio and craft a consistent brand between all your job application documents.