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Doodle Belong at Canva

More than a seat at the table.

Our journey

When it comes to inclusion, we recognise we’re on a life long journey, learning and growing with our people.

We're always listening out for ways we can make the Canvanaut experience more inclusive and our offerings are regularly reviewed to ensure that they're equitable for all. That's why our parental leave policy is inclusive of rainbow families and why we launched Unstoppable Me, a program designed to empower women in engineering to unleash their potential. 

From our approach to flexible work, to our support for parents, we're working hard to create an environment that truly empowers our people to thrive. 

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Canva communities

It’s our goal to empower our people to do the best work of their lives. And we believe that to achieve this, every Canvanaut needs to feel that they truly belong. 

We recognise the vital role connection plays in cultivating a sense of belonging. Whether it’s people living with disability, women, or LGBTQIA+, Canvanauts with shared experiences and identities across the globe connect through our communities. These communities, and many more like them, help ensure Canvanauts have a dedicated space to support each other, share and learn, and are heard and considered when it comes to making key decisions.

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Tailored to you

We believe the best person to know what's right for you, is you.

That's why we give you options in choosing how and when you work through our approach to flexible working. And whether you're a party animal, a true-blue introvert, or somewhere else on the sliding scale, you'll find a range of programs and activities on offer to suit you.

Our Vibe and Thrive benefit is also designed to empower you to choose how you'll invest in your own wellbeing. Whether it's a new bike, dinner with a friend, or learning a new skill through a Masterclass subscription, we love hearing about all the unique ways our people are recharging, so they can thrive.

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Our communities are a space for Canvanauts to come together and connect across teams and locations based on shared backgrounds, experiences or interests.

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Be your authentic self.

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Be inspired

Need some more time to think it over?

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